Custom Crafted Orthotics by Dr’s. Alan and Ken Whitney

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Established in 1972, Custom Crafted Orthotics, LLC provides foot support to professionals from all over the world.  Our products are used by collegiate, professional and amateur athletes, electricians, teachers, union members and all others who depend on their feet to get the job done.  

The Whitney CMO

Custom Crafted Orthotics is proud to introduce its new & uniquely hand crafted Whitney CMOs. Our customized cast molded appliances are designed and manufactured by expert foot specialists and each orthotic is custom fit to provide the necessary support for each patient and athlete.

More than Just Orthotics

We are international Orthotics experts.  We travel around the world serving athletes and industry.  Union workers, professional and collegiate athletes as well as injured and rehabilitating patients are utilizing the Custom Crafted Orthotics for the treatment, management and prevention of common lower extremity concerns.  Our solutions improve support and shock absorption capacity while reducing foot imbalance.

What makes Whitney CMOs and Custom Crafted Orthotic Products so unique is the highly technical combination of thermoplastic cast molded materials providing the ultimate in comfort, balance & support to achieve active and efficient foot control.

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