Calcaneal Bisector

For Standardized Construction Of The Posterior Heel Bisection Line

The Calcaneal Bisector Device consists of an acrylic frame and floating marking pencil which allows for the construction of a reliable vertical calcaneal bisection line. This “Tuber Axis” line is then utilized for determination of the part-to-part relationship between the forefoot and rearfoot and between the rearfoot and leg.

With the subject prone on the examination table, the posterior aspect of the heel is placed on the horizontal plane( parallel with the table surface). The Calcaneal Bisector Device is positioned over the heel as shown, with its arms set in on the heel to the level of the ankle joint. The frame is then slowly drawn inferiorally and plantarly in a smooth continuous motion while the marking pencil is applied with light pressure to the heel as shown in the photo.

Note: The skin marking pencil is a standard item which can be replaced as necessary.