Forefoot Goniometer

Measurement of the Frontal Plane Forefoot Attitude

ŒThe Forefoot Device consists of a length accommodating slide with a hinged forefoot goniometer and rearfoot holding clip. In addition, an adjustable forefoot platform slide allows for metatarsal 1-5 and 2-5 measurements.

With the subject in the prone or supine position, the rearfoot clip is centered on the posterior calcaneus with the posterior strut reference line placed parallel with the heel bisection.

ŽWith the subtalar joint placed in neutral position and the forefoot loaded to resistance, the forefoot position is measured and recorded in the biometry record.

ŽIn the presence of a first ray plantarflexion deformity the accommodation slide is moved away from the first metatarsal to give a true 2-5 forefoot measurement.

Forefoot Goniometer