Torsion Goniometer

Measurement Of Transverse Plane Hip Range Of Motion And Tibiofibular Torsion

Measurement of Hip Rotation

To measure the degree of medial or lateral hip joint rotation, the holding cups of the TorGon frame are positioned over the ends of the axis of the knee joint. With the axis of the knee maintained in the frontal plane of the body, the instrument frame is made vertical with the inclinometer dial reading zero. This serves as a reference position from which the medial and lateral hip rotations are subsequently performed.

Determination of Tibial Torsion

The transmalleolar position may be determined by having the subject in a supine position and placing the holding cups of the device centrally over the medial and lateral malleoli. With the foot and leg segments maintained in neutral position, the degree of transverse plane torsion with respect to the upper tibial epiphysis can then be read directly on the inclinometer dial.

Extender Bar Modification

With the use of the extender bar, the TorGon can be additionally utilized for the measurement of various motions and relationships such as ankle dorsiflexion range, tibial varum, hip and knee flexion- extension, and hip adduction-abduction.

Torsion Goniometer