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Whitney CMOs

Met head off-loading, 1st met cut-out and Morton’s extension Whitney CMOs

How it works – Whitney CMO Biomechanics

Custom Crafted Orthotic’s unique fabrication process allows for triplane balancing to meet your patients specific needs. We welcome your challenging cases as these orthoses are custom crafted to provide optimal balance in all three planes of support. This approach allows for unsurpassed comfort and patient compliance not realized with conventional types of orthoses.

Our orthosis management systems are designed to address forefoot malalignments, deformity, and associated lesions. Such segmental balancing and protective accommodation is essential for the “at risk” foot due to diabetic, arthritic, vascular, or neurologic disorders.We also provide your patients with the deepest heel cup and flange heights to cope with hyperpronation and severe instability due to such conditions as tibialis posterior dysfunction and Kidner’s Foot. A dynamically moldable upper layer allows for the incorporation of additional balance enhancements such as the Kirby Medial Heel Skive technique for greater foot control and limb realignment.

Custom Orthotics for Athletes

Whitney CMO

Variations of the Whitney CMO

Consider our custom orthoses for your elite or weekend athletes and find out why so many practices are selecting custom crafted orthoses for improved comfort and performance.

Custom Orthotics for Amputees

Finally, we want to inform that we can provide amputation prostheses with the same triplane support offered with our custom molded orthoses.
Please contact us at 1-856 795-0814  for more information about our laboratory and full line of custom molded orthoses.  We look forward to the opportunity of working with your office.


Alan K. Whitney, D.P.M.
President, Custom Crafted Orthotics

Kendrick A. Whitney, D.P.M.
Consultant, Custom Crafted Orthotics


More Information on Custom Crafted Orthotics and the Whitney CMO:

Orthosis Type
Orthosis Balance Position
Orthosis Top-Cover
Metatarsal Head Cut-Out
Orthosis Length
Heel Cup Height
Heel Elevation
Heel Cushioning
Metatarsal Pad Elements
Bunion Flange
Morton’s Extension
Adult Robert’s Modification
Kirby Skive Modification
Minimal Bulk
Diabetic Molded Orthoses ( DMO )
Functional Hallux Limitus (FHL) Modifications
Met Primus Equinus