Heel Cup Height

Whitney CMO Heel Cup Height

The CMO can offer exceptional rearfoot control.

The selection of the heel cup height is often determined by the degree of rearfoot and midfoot control or realignment required and limitations imposed by the shoe type worn. The CMO can offer exceptional rearfoot control with enhancements such as the Adult Robert and Kirby Medial Heel Skive techniques. Increased heel cup depth, which may be up to 30mm provides for enhanced rearfoot and ankle stability needed with various sports such as basketball, football, etc. The medium heel cup height of 20mm provides excellent rearfoot control for most problems while allowing for necessary rotational movements for recreational activities such as tennis and golf.

When ultra-sleek dimensions are desired such as with fashion style shoewear or flat track style shoes, a low heel cup height or 10mm should be selected to help minimize bulk.